Useful Links - Information and support for families

Please see below for a list of useful links from potty training, speech, language and communication to supporting learning and development at home.

Bucks Family Information Services - lots of information and support for families

Bucks Speech and Language NHS - Speech and language therapy services

Health Visiting Team -  from pregnancy to school readiness

Bucks Library Service - find out about facilities and joining the library

Speech and Language  - Help understand what speech and language is

Child Development - What to expect and when

Potty Training Guide

Develop Communication Skills

Spotlight on ... 2-year-olds - A PACEY project with ideas and tools for using with toddlers, with a home learning section. 

Big Little Moments - Quick simple ideas with short videos 

Words for Life - Supports Chat, Play, Read with ideas, tips and activities from birth to 5

Hungry Little Minds - Activities that support children’s early learning development. Simple fun, activities for kids aged 0 – 5

Tiny Happy People - Activities for babies, toddlers and children

Information on 30 hour funding


Information on 2 year old funding