Believe, Persevere, succeed

BPS Vision

As a community we grow to reach our full potential, grounded on a foundation of strongly upheld core values, care and high expectations.

We believe education is the most powerful gift - ours to give to all of those we serve


Compassion We consider other people’s feelings and show care, kindness, understanding and empathy to all.

Courage We are brave and believe we can. With courage, we can show determination to follow our morals/beliefs/aspirations and stand up for what is right, even when no one is looking.

Honesty We are honest with each other and ourselves at all times.

Resilience We strive to overcome challenges and to find our own way to succeed.

Respect We value everyone and everything in how we listen, speak and in what we do.  Our kind hands, kind words and kind heart reflect our true selves; the BPS community.

Responsibility We make good choices because our actions matter; through our choices we can inspire others. 


We are a welcoming and inclusive learning community.  We actively seek to meet the needs of all children; providing challenge, identifying and removing any barriers and empowering them to learn and grow as they progress through our school. At the heart of this is our firm belief in equality of opportunity and high expectations and aspirations for all. 

At our school we are committed to:

  • The safeguarding and wellbeing of all children and adults.
  • Provide high-quality teaching and learning to enable every child to make good progress with all aspects of their learning so that they can succeed and find their talents.
  • Develop an innovative curriculum that is creative, engaging and purposeful for all children.
  • Create independent, life-long learners who embrace challenge and love their learning; strengthen their resilience and confidence in taking risks and learning from mistakes.
  • Be a fully inclusive community where everyone can contribute, feels happy, safe and secure. 
  • Ensure that all children are given equal opportunities.
  • Treat learners as individuals and to differentiate teaching and learning to take account of their individual and special needs, as well as their talents.
  • Enliven and enrich the curriculum by visits, visitors, and extensive use of our wonderful environment. 
  • Ensure excellence permeates every aspect of school life. 
  • Enable parents, carers, and the wider community to be partners in the ethos of the school. 
  • Provide for children’s physical, mental, social, spiritual, moral and cultural development.
  • Help children make wise decisions about their own wellbeing.
  • Be a safe place where children are free from any kind of exploitation or discrimination. 
  • Provide stability and security, and support transition between each phase within and beyond our school
  • Maintain an ethos marked by a welcoming, friendly, bright, lively and happy place where learners feel secure.