Bonus Ball Lottery

Bonus Ball Lottery

We are delighted to introduce our 2023 Bonus Ball School Lottery! To raise funds for the outdoor play equipment, we are introducing a syndicate giving members the opportunity to win a weekly sum of money utilising Saturdays UK National Lotto draw bonus ball.


How does it work?

Participating members choose a number between 1-59. That will be your set number for the remainder of the school year or until you choose to leave. Bonus Ball numbers will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. The bonus ball number from Saturdays UK National Lotto draw will be the winning number and win the prize each week.


How much will I win?

The weekly prize fund is £20.


What does it cost?

The cost of taking part in the syndicate is £1 per week per number. Subject to demand it will be acceptable to choose more than one number if you wish.


How long will it run for?

The start date is Saturday 14th January, and runs until Saturday 22nd July. We plan to pause over the summer holidays, before restarting on Saturday 15th September 2023


How do I make payment?

Pay first to secure your number. Payment required at least a week ahead.

Option 1- You can pay by bank transfer for the full amount which is £28 per ball. This will mean you are committed from 14th January to 22nd July.

Option 2- Or you can pay by standing order every week. Please set this up from 9th January 2023 with an end date of 17th July 2023. If you need any support setting this up please email us at pta@buckinghamprimary.com.


What happens if I miss a payment?

If you haven’t paid by the Monday of the coming weekend’s draw then you are out and we will sell your number to someone else.


How do I receive my winning payment?

You will receive your winnings via bank transfer the week after your number is drawn.


How do I become a member of the syndicate?

When you have selected your Bonus Ball number and you have decided how many numbers you would like per week, please email pta@buckinghamprimary.com stating your chosen numbers and your chosen method of payment i.e. bank transfer or standing order.

We will then confirm your selected number/s and share the payment details. Once you have selected your number and had it confirmed this will be your Bonus Ball until such time you choose to leave the syndicate.


Who can become a member of the syndicate?

Anyone can become a member so please share this with all your family and friends.


What do I do if I wish to withdraw?

If you wish to withdraw before the end date of Saturday 22nd July then please email pta@buckinghamprimary.com stating your bonus ball number/s and what date you wish to withdraw.

Remember, ball selection is first come, first served!