Holiday Club

S4A Easter Holiday Club

Buckingham Primary Forest School Holiday Club | Easter Holiday Club 02 Apr 2024 - 11 Apr 2024

We are now offering a Campfire Club from 8am-4pm, this will include breakfast and cocoa around the campfire!
Forest School is a long term holistic learning process that aims to raise self-awareness and self-esteem in participants. Regular sessions take place in a woodland environment, where the landscape itself adds to the experience of learning.
Forest School can increase a child’s confidence and self-esteem through exploration, problem solving, and being encouraged to learn how to assess and take appropriate risks depending on their environment. The use of learner-led outcomes means information is retained better and also generally increases curiosity and motivation to learn in general. This motivation can have a positive impact on attitude to learning in school.
CLOTHING Ensure your child's comfort and safety at Forest School sessions. Cover arms and legs, and provide fully closed footwear throughout the year. Children in inadequate clothing may be excluded until suitable attire is provided.
FOOD & SNACKS Pack a lunch and snacks. Include snacks for the energy-packed Forest School day, avoiding nuts for safety. Label your child's water bottle; our staff will happily refill it throughout the day.
ARRIVING & COLLECTING Drop off/pick up at the Highlands Road pedestrian entrance with our sign. School address: Highlands Rd, Buckingham MK18 1PN. Be prompt to avoid session delays. If late, call or text the team at 07849 847 031 with your ETA

Should you have any questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@s4aclub.co.uk. We're here to support you.


Lace Hill and Forest School HAF Programme Information

We are running our HAF programme in line with Buckinghamshire County Council this Easter for anyone aged 5-13.

We will be running one at Lace Hill Academy, as well as a Forest School HAF Programme at Buckingham Primary School from the 2nd-11th April.

As part of the HAF programme, your child can attend the holiday club for FREE from 9am to 3 pm each day.

The HAF programme spaces are integrated within our standard holiday club spaces and there is no difference whatsoever in what’s included. Inclusivity is a priority for us and we want every child to be able to experience the fun and care of our holiday clubs, regardless of background or abilities. 

To be eligible for this programme, your child must be entitled to benefit-related free school meals. Each eligible child will receive a unique booking number from their school.


See how you can book your child's place here-  https://familyinfo.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/advice-and-support/buckinghamshire-haf/how-to-book-haf-places/