Chicks fun at home (6 Months - 2 years)

Kitchen roll tubes dipped in paint, squeeze the end for different effects. You can cut them
before dipping in paint to create a different effect too

Vehicles run through paint to see tracks on paper

Treasure baskets – add household items to a basket/box for them to explore i.e. whisk,
wooden spoon, old mobile phone, old tv remote

Saucepans and baking trays make great musical instruments when hit with a wooden spoon

Painting with water on a paving slab

Playing with coloured ice


Singing nursery rhymes

Copying facial expressions

Play peek-a-boo

Playing with bubble wrap to make it pop

Making a guessing bag, put toys in and let them feel and guess what it is

Offer different senses toys touch (rough sandpaper, soft toys, bottles etc) sound (toys, bag
of coins, sounds on a phone etc)