Swans Fun at Home (3-4 Year Olds)

Finding shapes in the room

Finding the letters from their names in stories

Suncatchers made with tissue paper

Paper plates/boxes with numbers on, can they add the correct number of pom poms/balls

Junk modelling, any boxes, tubes etc glued or taped together

Old wallpaper taped to the floor for drawing or painting

Painting on tin foil

Teach children how to dress and undress ready for school

Encourage children to develop their self-help skills for school

Read favourite stories and ask the child/ren to retell in their own way. Make a story box or
bag using different things to represent the characters in the story

Describe what is happening in a picture book

Dressing up in adult clothes

Pencil control sheets as found on Twinkl

Make up their own story and the adults can write it down

Cutting activities